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Some granny flats are too pricey. Others lack design, high-quality materials, or space to meet the demands of contemporary families. Enjoy spacious living spaces constructed from ecologically friendly materials, floor plans that can be tailored to your specific requirements, and bespoke designs created to fit your unique needs.

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Expansive Architectural Granny Flat Designs

Do you need more space?

A Stunning Architectural Granny Flat Is Just What You Need

Every granny flat designed by the TENNA team is a unique architectural granny flat suited to your needs. TENNA's Granny Flats are custom-built to your exact design desires! You're not only buying space with a new granny flat; your bespoke granny flat will complement your home while optimising for space, usefulness, and privacy.

Innovative & modern granny flats that compliment your beautiful family home

A Stunning Architectural Granny Flat Is Just What You Need

Choose granny flats that are cutting-edge, gorgeous, and forward-thinking. You'll be confident that your granny flat will fulfil all of your needs while also complementing the appearance of your present house. Select from a variety of beautiful granny flats that have been carefully planned and customised to suit as an attractive alternative for young people and extended family to stay on your property.

A versatile way to add value to your existing house

Increase Your Rental Income With A Property Investment

Granny flats might be a fantastic investment to generate extra money for you and your family. This is an excellent method to increase the worth of your property by customising and tailoring TENNA's bespoke designs specific to your home while still being reasonably priced.

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TENNA provides fully customised, new perfect home designs, modifications, and building projects that guarantee that projects are completed on time while also being innovative in the fastest time possible.

The process to adding a granny flat to your home

This preliminary planning stage includes determining your project's objectives. After determining which council rules must be followed and the drawing of the first drafts of the design has been completed, a concept design for your consideration will be provided.
The creation of the design will commence while incorporating your input. After providing a timetable of planned quality materials, consultation feedback will be provided, followed by approval for the design and drawings and the confirmation of council requirements.
After obtaining DA / CDC approval, you will be required to sign a Housing Industry Association (NSW) Building Contract and pay a Commencement Fee of 5% less than any design fees already paid. Your financial institution's authorisation is required.

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Do I have a say in the design when building a granny flat?

Definitely! The design team welcomes client input and looks forward to completing a granny flat construction and design that meets your specific project needs, whether you desire raked ceilings or a specific facade to your granny flat!

Are granny flats offered without building a new home?

Yes, absolutely! Although creating bespoke architectural homes may be an option, you may opt to acquire a granny flat in conjunction with your existing home if all you desire is an entirely new backyard granny.

How should I prepare for my granny flat appointment?

Look at granny flats you like, and their pricing on this page. This will give you a better idea of what you want to expect from your granny flat designs.

Do you design granny flats for split-level homes?

Yes! The design team will endeavour to inspect your home during the site assessment to design, construct & implement a stunning new granny flat on your sloping terrain.

How long do granny flats take to build?

Not that long! Although the construction of distinct styles varies in time, you can expect your granny flat to be finished in around two to three weeks.

How will the granny flat affect the value of my home?

Granny flats are an excellent long-term investment and will enhance the value of your property. They'll also produce a higher rental income if you choose to have tenants by providing stability with superior returns on your investments. If you're going to invest in real estate, a granny flat is an option that can pay off handsomely!

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