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Getting council approval for your development application is cause for celebration. To begin construction, however, you'll need a Construction Certificate (CC). TENNA's drafting team will guide you through the Construction Certificate Process by helping you assemble all of the necessary plans, standards, and checks to ensure that you're meeting all the requirements for approval.

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Firstly, What Is A Construction Certificate (CC)?

The Final Hurdle Before Beginning Construction On Your New Home

Before commencing construction, you must first obtain a construction certificate from your local council or a private certifier. Obtaining a CC is required after receiving approval for your Development Application (DA). Receiving a CC approval confirms that your custom-built home designs align with regulations set by the Building Code Of Australia (BCA).

Who can issue a CC?

Issue by local council or a private certifier

You may acquire your CC by applying through your local council or an accredited certifier. This is where TENNA can help. The team collaborates with a variety of local councils and private certifiers.

Local council or a private certifier?

There are some differences

A local council is typically the same as obtaining a CC through an Accredited Certifier. There are, however, some key distinctions. If you opt for an Accredited Certifier, they can assist you in fulfilling all of the necessary criteria and plans for your CC. Some certifiers are more flexible with established standards, submission requirements and typically respond faster than council representatives.

Achieving CC approval for all custom home designs

  • Sustainable Homes
  • New Home Designs
  • Granny Flat Designs
  • Extensions To Homes
  • Sub-Divisions

How TENNA can help you

Taking Out The Guesswork & Confusion Throughout The Construction Certificate Process

The design & drafting team has years of experience working with councils and private certifiers. Whether it's the initial sketch designs, site drawings and formulating a completed & sound DA, CDC or CC package, you're in safe hands. Having years of experience assisting valued clients with their CC applications means quickly spotting any potential future issues before submitting your CC application.

Taking Out The Guesswork & Confusion Throughout The Construction Certificate Process

  • Finalising Scope Of Works & Design Proposal
  • Creating Sketch Designs Including Virtual 3D Models
  • Preparing Site Plans & Architectural Drawings
  • Completing Detailed Construction Plans & A Full CC Package For Approval
  • Helping You Ensure Your Building Works Plans Are Consistent With The Development Regulations

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How long will it take to get my Complying Development Certificate CDC Approved?

CDC approval usually takes up to 10 days.

Shall I Go With A Private Certifier Or A Council Certifier?

Both have their pros and cons, and picking the right one requires research. It all boils down to determining potential outcomes and pricing models. The team at TENNA can assist you with straightforward and valuable responses & expertise in this area.

How much will a Complying Development Certificate cost?

The project's size and scale determine it. Once you've sent over your CDC papers, a member of the building team will be able to provide you with an obligation free quote.

What type of documents do I need for my new house?

If you're building new homes, you'll need to submit all the appropriate documentation with your application, including floor plans, site plans, & specialist reports. Call TENNA at 1300 283 001, and a building and design expert will be happy to help you get started with the entire process!

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