About us

How we started

TENNA was founded to design and construct affordable and comfortable homes for families in New South Wales and wider Australia, where there is a real need for high-quality, well-priced homes & extensions.

Our mission

TENNA's mission is to deliver modern yet unique contemporary designs that combine timeless beauty with a distinct personality for an affordable cost. Unlike the building groups that mass-produce rubber stamp homes, the design & construction team prides themselves on working closely with clients to deliver your dream home. With a high level of attention to detail, striving to exceed your expectations.


  • Effective Project Management
  • Build to budget and on time, every time. Making sure that the plan will result in success while allowing for enough leeway to account for unexpected expenditures.

  • Effective Project Management
  • The experience and thorough understanding of bespoke home designs and renovations allow the design and construction team to stay within budget while still achieving the objectives in the quickest time possible.

    Helping you achieve your ideal dream home

    End-to-end project management & a hands-on approach

    Taking pleasure in fully customising to produce a one-of-a-kind concept into a beautiful home for clients, unlike other home building companies.

    TENNA is not like other building companies


    We are a boutique company that will turn a customised concept into a finished product that is one-of-a-kind.

    Completely custom

    Customise your home to fit the way you live, from design decisions of the facade to each room detail.


    You may build on any terrain with TENNA - whether it's sloping, narrow, or irregular in shape.

    Open communication

    Custom home designers & builders work closely with owners throughout the process, providing transparency and updates throughout the way.


    Engage with one designer from start to finish.


    Do you want to make tiny modifications during the construction process while the structure is still being built? With TENNA Homes, you will feel at ease!

    Customer experience

    From beginning to end, providing clients with consistent support combined with a personalised approach.


    On budget? TENNA Homes will take this into account and provide a medium - high end design.

    Experience & expertise

    Bringing years of expertise and knowledge to the custom home design process resulting in the greatest possible result.

    So why




    Servicing the entire Sydney area and taking on your projects by distance for design-based services.

    A hands-on, personal approach throughout your project and customising all packages to suit you.

    Emphasis is placed on a strong conceptual phase for all designs to create a truly holistic approach and a stunning end result

    Contact us for a free consultation!

    Building and designing homes on time every time. Making sure that your dream concept is realised through the TENNA Home way!

    Do not hesitate to speak to the team! We are a team of friendly custom home designers & builders that are more than happy to assist you on a well and improved lifestyle.