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Could Pre-Fabrication Work For You?

Investigate innovative housing solutions at the outset of your research journey. It’s not for everyone but modular, pre-fabricated housing is growing in popularity in many countries. It can reduce cost and waste while making flexible, adaptable housing solutions with very high standards of finish for almost any site.

New Home, New Choices

Many of us choose the style and features of our new home based on homes we’ve previously lived in. This can limit our choices to the familiar or expected — not necessarily what we need. We can get used to living with the shortcomings of our existing home and overlook opportunities to rectify them in our new home.

Professional advice from a designer or building sustainability assessor in the early research stages can identify ways to reduce bills and improve comfort and lifestyle. Their advice at critical decision stages of your project can maintain focus on important features.


Initial Enquiry


Our FREE site inspection will identify any initial issues or costs to ensure that your concept is feasible. Our Sales Manager will meet with you to understand your requirements, vision, and budget.

Allow 1 hour for this meeting.

Before your FREE Site Visit you need to consider the following:

  • Do you already have plans? Have these been approved by Council? If not, consider the type of house you would like to build / extend (e.g. single or double story).

  • The features you would like to have (e.g. four bedroom, home theatre, open plan living area, etc).

  • The style of home (e.g. modern or traditional).

  • When you are planning to build / move in.

  • Your construction and finishing budget.

  • Is your finance in place?


Initial Design Phase

If you decide to proceed to the next stage with TENNA, you will pay an initial design fee. This enables us to obtain a detailed site survey and begin designing your new initial concept designs and you will complete the first round of selections ie. Externals such as bricks, tiles, windows, etc. and we will prepare a fixed price quote according to your initial specifications.


Price Quotation

Once you have signed off the fixed price quotation, a second design fee is required.  Fully dimensional working drawings and Hydraulic Engineers DA concept drawings are developed, your Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certification (CDC ) is lodged, the Basix Certificate and any Waste Management or Environmental Statements are obtained. Our interior decorator and preferred supplier consultants will assist you to complete the second round of selections ie. Internals such as tiles, tapware, colours, etc


Council & Planning Approvals

Upon obtaining DA / CDC approvals, you will be required to sign a Housing Industry Association (NSW) Building Contract and pay a Commencement Fee of 5% less any design fees already paid. Your Financial Institution’s Authority is required at this time.

All documentation is submited along with council applications if required. Final changes are made to plans if needed.on’s Authority is required at this time.



Once your final Contract has been signed and all necessary approvals have been received, building works on your new home can commence.  When knocking down and rebuilding, construction will commence after demolition; when building a new home, construction will commence 14 days after the Contract is signed.  Our experienced Site Supervisors will manage this phase of your build.


Completion & Handover

Just prior to handover, our Site Supervisor will contact you to make an appointment for the final inspection of your new home. You will be required to make your final payment which will include any variations and provisional sums that need to be adjusted. Once received, the keys to your new dream home will be handed to you. Congratulations!aid. Your Financial Institution’s Authority is required at this time.

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